Profiles capturing the business savvy, soul and spirit of some of the most creative and talented professionals in Beauty and Fashion, who, despite great talent, popularity and hard-work, have never had their stories told…until now.


One woman’s journey to find her perfect man. But when the bar is the President of the United States, is it even possible? She’s determined to find…Her Obama


Sam and Viv are settled in their new pad and ready to embark on their lives and careers.  Unfortunately, they gave their “loved one” their new address. Join The Bronx’s favorite couple’s horny hijinks, family funk and career highs and lows.


Glam/Style is a weekly series featuring beauty professionals focused on the latest and greatest trends, showing you how to make them work in your everyday life.


Sisters Mandy and Lina move to Los Angeles from Tennessee in order to explore their Latin roots. The little they do know about Latin culture is based on stereotypes, so we never know what kind of trouble these girls may end up in.


In the aftermath of losing his job and girlfriend, Henry experiences the lows of self-discovery. In this awkwardly funny story, set in New York City, we follow him through his daily struggles of trying to be a “great guy.”


After a recent break-up, a woman joins her besties into the world of health and fitness. But when the girls join a man-magnet fitness group, their love lives get more of a workout than they bargained for.


In a world of status updates, tweets, likes, & posts can anyone get this relationship thing right? Best friends, Kevin, Ralphie, and Pierce thought they were winning at dating…#NOT!


THE DRIVE is an original docu-series profiling successful and dynamic multicultural women in various fields sharing their journey of where they are now, how they got there and where they’re headed next.


The StyleList brings you the latest fashions, trends and pop culture in a fast paced and entertaining format. Hosted by Kinya Claiborne, Editor-In-Chief of Style & Society Magazine. Join us Every Friday for a new episode.


Personal Conversations About What it Really Takes to Make it in Hollywood.


Four best friends have big dreams for their LA-based fashion PR firm…The only problem is…Murphy’s Law is in full effect and everything that can go wrong is just about to. Can these women work it out and make a name for themselves?